"Welcome to our family; you have been carefully selected for your character and genuine love of our product and we are so thrilled to have you! 

As Brand Ambassadors, we feel you should know the people and the heart behind our company, ReLeafpack.

You can read about myself (Angela) and Jodi on the “team” page but in short; we are both chronic migraine/pain sufferers. Go figure!

A little about Jodi you won’t find on her page: she grew up in a little town in Michigan and spent her childhood camping all over the Great Lakes. After High School, she joined the Air Force. She was active duty and stationed in Texas when she had her first Migraine at 20 years old. She’s a hippy at heart, loves the outdoors, getting her feet dirty, and her two cats. Her integrity and intelligence cannot be measured, and I couldn’t have picked a better soul-sister and business partner.

A bit about myself: I was born in Las Vegas but my heart belongs in the snow. I love long walks in the forest, video games/Esports, my husband, and my teacup chihuahua. I was previously an EMT/ER Tech and my path has always been helping people. Mental Health is a very important journey to me after having lived through some loss but so is working towards a happier Earth we can all flourish in.

We both currently live in Arizona where we run our business and spend most of our free time hanging out at home with our families and pets. We look forward to getting to know you better as well!



Angela & Jodi "


Let's Dive Right In

Brand Ambassador Perks:

♡ Your initial Free ReLeafpack Set and possible future products, as well as exclusive sneak peaks to new styles and sales coming up that you can "leak" to your followers. 

♡ Exclusive personalized 20% off coupon code. 

♡ Access to our secret Brand Ambassador page with graphics and tools to help you succeed and grow. 

♡ A Free ReLeafpack Set of your choice for every 20 sales with your coupon code. Most of our followers are looking towards our Ambassadors for discounts, so they add up fast!

♡ Top Ambassadors in our family are rewarded with special gift boxes, invitations to ReLeafpack Retreats and commission at higher levels. 

Brand Ambassador Requirements:


♡ Share us with your followers through posts, stories and mentions.

♡ Tag us and share your coupon code any time you use your ReLeafpack.

♡ GROW YOUR PAGE - it's easy, we've got this!

Guidelines & Tips

Guidelines & Tips:

You must tag us in every segment of any story and have a public profile or we can’t share it!

Our best algorithm times are Saturday and Sunday between 11am - 1pm MST.

Grab your Free ReLeafpack Set and make your first post! This should be an introduction as a Brand Ambassador for ReLeafpack to your following. 

Brand Affiliates


During special events/unboxings, we may have Brand Affiliates and extra products to share with you. 

Active Affiliates: 

Sonoma CBD (IG) - Play Salty (IG) - Shaw Your Skin 

You will need to tag them and highlight these items. While you are not obligated to post about them, these are wonderful brands who have generously included items specifically for our Ambassadors. Please FOLLOW them and show them some love in any videos/stories/posts (tag them), and anytime you use their products. 

Play Salty is a wonderful Eco-Friendly Brand accepting Ambassadors as well, so if you're looking to grow your personal brand, get in on that!


Coupon Codes

Through the end of the year, 20% coupon codes are only available to our brand ambassadors and during our sales. We may change this in January. 

Personalized codes are how we track your sales and provide a discount to your following.

Share your exclusive Ambassador status and coupon code in your IG description/Linktree.


- Use Code Ashley20 to save at

- Ashley20 @releafpack To Save!

Followers are looking to you for discounts (anyone else a midnight shopper?), so this is a great resource and a requirement. You must visibly rep our brand to be a Brand Ambassador. 


While we (as a company) will share any and all content relevant to us, including your unique codes, we may only have 20-150 mutual followers. People like engaging with personal/lifestyle/medical pages and may not even follow a business profile - this is where our lovely ambassadors come in! We're here to help everyone grow. 



We appreciate being able to communicate personally with each of our Ambassadors and because of this, we have a limited number of positions available. 

As official BA’s, every time you post, you represent us and the reputation of our brand. While we appreciate the occasional candid (or dirty) humor, all posts tagging us should meet IG/FB Community Standards & Guidelines for ad purposes.

We love pictures, videos and when you share our content! While we do not expect you to share everything, we do ask that you to share our Sales & Special Events.

Occasionally, we will offer the opportunity to sponsor a post on your page as an ad (ask us for details) or do a giveaway on your page.

As your brand sponsors, we want to see you succeed as well. When you have non-competing content, events, or giveaways, we would be happy to be involved and support your growth. Reach out and let us know how we can help!

As a cherished Brand Ambassador, it is important to stay relevant in today’s Social Media world. We are hopeful that all of our brand ambassadors will grow with us, and we can’t wait to see your progress. 

Due to the limited number of BA positions, we are continually evaluating your growth and activity to assure that we have the right Ambassadors in our family.  


Preferred Graphics. 

We've provided several of our FAQ cards and product information graphics towards the bottom of the page, please feel free to save and use anything we have made on your Story Highlights or in any way you'd like. We also allow and encourage creative freedom to content creators and will provide our logo as well.

How often should you post?
We leave this up to your creative side and the fluidity of your post schedule, but the most successful ambassadors of any page are sharing about our product any time they use it. Our standard is 1 post and 2 stories per month, but pain sufferers are using The ReLeafpack weekly, if not daily, so share at your discretion. 




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We will never sell or give out your information.

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