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Hi everyone, my name is Jodi and I have been a severe migraine sufferer for over 24 years. Like most of us, I tried every migraine relief product I could get my hands on. Every "migraine cap", every gel pack, compression mask and roll-on scented therapy I could find. After years of throwing money at products in the desperate hope that something would work, I realized I would have to design one myself if I wanted any real relief.

I knew what didn’t work, so I started there. A few years and a few versions later, I ended up with the Biggest, Softest, Coldest, Longest Lasting Ice Pack on the market, specifically designed for migraine and cluster headache sufferers like me.

I knew I needed to share this with as many people as possible because of the real relief it has brought me. I found my partner Angela, who tried the product and became a believer, and after a lot of hard work and late nights we are finally able to share this phenomenal ReLeafpack with everyone.


I urge anyone who has ever had any headache or migraine related pain to try the ReLeafpack. I promise, you will throw out every ice pack in your house and reach for this every time. It’s A Hug For Your Pain.



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