So this thing right here has become quite a life saver for me. I’ve suffered from chronic migraines since I was in 6/7 grade and I’m 30 now. So they are nothing new to me. I’ve tried EVERYTHING you can think of and I have found many things that have helped. Diet change, better sleep, proper nutrition and some proper stretching. Now, there are days where NOTHING works.

I was contacted by this amazing company, ReLeafpack, and they sent me this wonderful product to check out. I told them that I could almost guarantee that it wouldn’t help because I’ve tried everything! They sent it anyways because they believe in their product so much.

Wow! Let me just say, I’m in love! While it doesn’t always take it away 100% , it does an amazing job at helping to reduce the pain, calm the severity and help me get rid of it. Some days I can’t move, sleep, eat, or even breathe efficiently because of them. This has helped me survive!
I not only use it for my migraines, I also use it to help with other pain as well. It stays cold for so long and it’s amazing in so many ways. I couldn’t sleep last night because of mine. I grabbed my ReLeafPack and BAM, slept so good!



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