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  • Return Policy
    Due to shipping costs and time/labor, we are unable to return any product that is not defective. We do not offer returns. By placing an order, you acknowledge that each order is a custom-made product and understand we will not issue refunds. • All glitter fabrics are carefully marked in their description and cannot be returned due to the glitter. • Our organic scents are strong and we cannot return or exchange scented packs. We believe The ReLeafpack is an amazing multi-use product that fits wonderfully in every home and hope to bring you the same enjoyment. Don't forget to give your new ReLeafpack a *shake* every 20 minutes for a whole new cold feeling. In addition, we cannot alter orders or add a coupon code to any order that has already been placed. If you placed your order by mistake or wish to cancel it before it has shipped, you will be charged a $5 restocking fee from your refund. We reserve the right to refuse service or products to anyone who may be flagged with suspicious or fraudulent activity and reserve the right to report those parties to the proper authorities.
  • SHIPPING SCHEDULE *Please Read* Updated 7/15/24
    Our shipping dates and schedule has changed due to personal accommodations that we hope will improve our shipping process. • Our products are custom, hand-made to order and ship in batches every FRIDAY (excluding holidays). • Orders made before Thursdays at midnight will ship on Friday. • Orders made on Fridays and later will ship the following Friday, on the 5th business day. We offer Priority 2/3 Day Shipping with every purchase within the US through the United States Postal Service for a flate rate of $3.99. Once it's ready, it's on the way! PLEASE READ: We pay a additional postage to ship all packages Priority; this gets your package to you as soon as it's made, so it doesn't sit on trucks or in warehouses. PLEASE Ensure all shipping addresses are correct. Your tracked and insured packages are the responsibility of the purchaser (yourself) once you receive a tracking number and it leaves our facility. If your package has not arrived, contact your local post-office for re-delivery or to file a claim. If you entered your shipping address incorrectly at the time of purchase, you will be responsible for replacement shipment costs at OUR cost: $10, $17 or $22 depending on the weight of your order. If you have not received your tracking email within 14 business days, please email us at We offer limited International Shipping to: Canada Spain The United Kingdom Belgium Germany Brazil British Virgin Isles Isle of Man France Ireland Hungary South Africa The Netherlands Australia - Unavailable due to Australia customs. Kuwait - Unavailable due to Kuwait customs. Shipping regions availability is based on the region's customs. We are not responsible for, nor can account for, Customs/Landing Costs upon receipt of the product. That is the buyer's (collector's) responsibility upon collection of the item at your local Post Office. We are always checking to see if customs restrictions have returned to normal after Covid-19. For our other international friends, please follow us to be informed when your area becomes available. The ReLeafpack is a weighted product, handmade and shipped by ReLeafpack without third party distribution. Our international shipping rate is based directly on international postage rates of a weighted product. The most effective way to ship internationally is a single ReLeafpack OR One(1) ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy Set. We do not ship larger orders at this time. Please allow 6-8 weeks for international orders. Check your email for shipping confirmation and tracking numbers. Please note: We do not work on weekends or holidays. ReLeafpack operates during normal "bankers business hours" with holiday and store hour exclusions. We may not respond to emails or inquiries on weekends.
  • Product Information & Scents
    ReLeafpack has uniquely designed products, handmade/restocked in small batches and are never outsourced for factory production. We offer a mindful alternative to chemicals and harsh man-made gels/liquids/plastics. ReLeafpack products are reusable + non-melting/non-sweating. Our unique designs feature a vegan filler, made from locally sourced, triple-washed and all-natural pinto bean blend. The product includes 100% cotton fabric and 100% recycled labels. This is #NotYourGrandmasIcepack. Product may not be Gluten Free or allergen safe. While our products do not contain gluten, we cannot guarantee it has not come in contact with other items while in transit or creation. You may want to ask your doctor if this product is right for you if you have Vegan or bean sensitivities. Due to supply availability, we cannot guarantee the restock of any style – get your favorite before it’s gone! Fabric colors and shades may vary - photos are examples. Each ReLeafpack is approximately 8" x 14" (3.6 Lbs) Each ReLeafbuddy is approximately 5.5" x 9.5" (1.5 Lbs) Store your ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy in a dry, cold environment, if not frozen. DO NOT GET YOUR RELEAFPACK/RELEAFBUDDY WET. Our Lavender & Peppermint scent additions are 100% Organic dried herbs from locally sourced and supported herbal farms. We do not use essential oils. Our company is dedicated to being eco-friendly. We provide a non-disposable product in a reusable bag, made from all natural materials. In addition, we use recycled office supplies when available and donate our extra fabric.
  • Usage & Care
    Place your ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy in the *freezer at least 12 hours before first use. *Store in the provided airtight freezer bag/similar freezer or Ziploc bag when not in use to help keep it fresh from freezer smells. For best results, store in a deep freezer. Remove the bag and use directly on affected area; it can conform anywhere (eyes/head, neck, knees, etc). Stays cold up to 2 hours with a "Frosty 40" minutes of ice therapy. The cold is inside, so shake it up for a whole new cold experience! Tip for pros - Using the provided bag to protect your ReLeafpack from splashes, place the pack on your forehead during a hot bubble bath - may aid in circulation. Do not submerge in water, bag is not waterproof. *Do not get your ReLeafpack WET! Moisture can damage the vegan filling and make your ReLeafpack unusable. What about covers? In creation, we found that covers greatly diminished the cold, and we’re obsessed with something icy to stop the pain. We recommend light spot-washing if needed (and allowing it to fully dry), and without spills or major incidents, most ReLeafpacks can last years before their time and job is done. 💕
  • Safety Disclaimers
    Do not heat/microwave - The ReLeafpack, ReLeafbuddy and other ReLeafpack products are for Cold Therapy ONLY Do not leave unsupervised with children under 5 Do not open - Filler can be a choking hazard Do not get your ReLeafpack products wet Do not leave your ReLeafpack outside of the freezer in humid environments when not in use Always practice safe icing technique when using cold therapy. It is recommended to ice in 10-20 minute intervals with 10-20 minute breaks. If cold therapy is new to you, check with your doctor to see what's best. The ReLeafpack is a vegan product, made with a locally sourced, all-natural dried bean-blend filler, 100% cotton fabric, and 100% recycled labels. Product may not be Gluten Free or allergen safe. While our products do not contain gluten, we cannot guarantee it has not come in contact with other items while in transit or creation. You may want to ask your doctor if this product is right for you if you have Vegan or bean sensitivities.
  • Contact Us
    We are a growing, small business who encourages rest and healing and only operates during normal business hours. Please read our FAQ's and follow our Instagram/Facebook pages for all business, personal health and shipment updates. All Production, Shipment and Inquiries operate during our Normal Business Hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm MST and we do not work on major Holidays. Orders ship in small batches. Contact us via DM through IG or at ( ) for any special inquiry. As increasing demand in our DMs and emails have grown, we may not be able to respond to every message. Please see the FAQs for any questions.
  • Media · Press
    Please email for all press, business and social inquiries. We would love to be part of your Corporate Retreats, Nurses Week, or other special events. Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

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