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Are you ready for a chillingly relaxing experience?
Introducing Organic Herbal Infusions:

Every ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy purchased comes Unscented.

To add an "Organic Herbal Infusion" to your pack, add the desired scent(s) to your shopping cart.

Please specify in the "Add a note" section at checkout which packs you would like scented. Example below:


Disclaimers: One scent is used for 1 ReLeafpack or 1 Set.

For two sets or two separate packs, add two(2) units of scents to your cart. 

If only 1 scent is added to the cart, only 1 product/set will come scented. 

Scents are sewn inside and will be permanent.

If you have not left a note requesting which pack will be scented, it will be random
Please leave us a note. 


In addition, if you have requested a Scent in the notes without adding the requested scents to your cart/order for purchase, your products will be shipped Unscented.

To learn more about scents,

please visit our FAQ.

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