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PAWfect Love + ReLeafbuddy

PAWfect Love + ReLeafbuddy


"When people see certain dogs, they think about me, more than likely they think about me when they see dogs that look like Dexter mostly. However, my love for dogs is a lot further than the relationship that I’ve had with Dexter for 12 years. I met Cookie when I was really young and she was a sweetest girl, always trusted and a part of the family for 17 years. I went through a crazy break up at 21 and  somehow Boobie ended up on my lap and that sweet girl helped me in my depression. That sweet girl got me out of bed. I was my best friend for four beautiful for 4 beautiful years. Then theres Dexter.. My 12 year old bestie. Throughout my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Dex was my rock through every flare up or post treatment symptom he was there.  Platano is our sweet and vivacious Covid puppy. He’s our ornery fellow but such a love at once.  Ayla Rose is our book end baby girl.  She made my pittie mama dreams come true.  


This Releafpack is for them because they supported me on the lowest spoon days. We don’t get to keep them our whole life but they keep us for theirs. Mama loves you babies."


-Shari Tavera 

( MS warrior, Wife & Dog mama)


A specially curated style for our ReLeafpack Family Favorites Collection, hand-picked for the holiday season by some amazing women who are near and dear to our hearts.



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  • Scents

    Every ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy purchased is Unscented. To add an Organic Herbal Scent to your ReLeafpack/order, click the "Add Scents" tab to add the Lavender or Peppermint to your cart. Go to our Scents page to learn more.

  • Shipping & More

    If this is your first time ordering, please check our FAQ section for store policies and shipment schedules. 

  • Why ReLeafpack?

    The Weight: Unlike anything else.

    ReLeafpack’s unique design is the Original Weighted Cold Therapy.

    The Cold: How Cold? Ice Cold.

    The first “Frosty 40” minutes are surprisingly cold.

    Shake it up for an additional 60-90 minutes of chilly ReLeaf!

    Everything Else: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Reusable, Flexible, Soft, Comfortable, Conformable, Ahhh-mazing!

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