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A specially curated Collection, hand-picked for the holiday season by some amazing women who are near and dear to our hearts. 


From Multiple Sclerosis to Epilepsy, and Trigeminal Neuralgia to C-PTSD, check out their stories & follow these delightful pillars of our community.

Celebrate Your Mess
Celebrate Your Mess + ReLeafbuddy

Celebrate Your Mess ©️

By Brittany Quiroz, in partnership with ReLeafpack

"We love to celebrate the victories in life but the messes get far less attention. We hide behind the shame, fear, judgement and disaster. So it’s time to celebrate your mess! Let the disasters show and own it. There is always value in obstacles. Plus we still deserve to look fabulous while we ice down our mess!”


Brittany Quiroz @ahotms

After her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2019, Brittany Quiroz created “A Hot MS” to help change the perception of what disability looks like. Her diagnosis was an answered prayer for purpose and the catalyst for her calling to help others and impact change.


Quiroz is now a trusted voice in the community of Multiple Sclerosis. Through her advocacy work, speaking, writing, art, music and ability to be transparent about her disease, she hopes to bring love and acceptance to others living with Multiple Sclerosis. Quiroz began ART4aCAUSE to raise funds for those needing to feel confident about their mobility aids. 50% of all proceeds from her art fund this cause.


As a professional singer-songwriter, Quiroz now exclusively writes and performs motivational music dedicated to those living with MS, disabilities and chronic illness; alongside her Co-Writer and Mother Kristen Spath. Their new album will be launching in 2024 with the first single launching this winter where 100% of proceeds will be donated to the MS Society.


Quiroz is a 4 time nominee of the Social Health Awards for her advocacy and was named a finalist in 2023. 

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Complex Dani

"I am a complex trauma survivor, EFT tapping practitioner, and the creator the Healing and C-PTSD Community. I openly discuss my experiences with complex trauma and healing from it in an effort to let others know they're not alone. My mission to help people learn the skills and techniques to communicate with their nervous system so they can reclaim power over their emotional landscape and heal their trauma."

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Complex Dani - Instagram: @complex.dani

Tapping with Dani - Instagram: @tappingwithdani


Healing and C-PTSD - Instagram: @healing.and.cptsd

Healing Reminders
Healing Reminders + ReLeafbuddy

Healing Reminders

By Dani, in partnership with ReLeafpack

"I selected this design for it’s empowering affirmations, resonating profoundly with the complex trauma community. This visual embrace of gentle blooms and healing words serves as a reminder that self-care is crucial on our journey.  May this pattern be a constant reminder that, like the ice pack, we have the power to soothe our wounds and bloom beautifully despite our struggles.

Together, let's cultivate a space where healing is a shared reality"

Moonlit Melodies
Moonlit Melodies + ReLeafbuddy

Moonlit Melodies

By Tiffany, in partnership with ReLeafpack

"Tranquility, comfort, and rejuvenation... You deserve them all. I hope “Moonlit Melodies” brings you a song of relief in moments of discomfort, as a faithful companion on the journey of well-being."


Tiffany Kairos

"Hi! My name is Tiffany. Living with epilepsy for 15 years has helped shape my journey into advocacy, blogging, and content creation. Through being a dedicated voice for epilepsy awareness, I find fulfillment in making a difference. On a personal note, I am happily married and cherish the companionship of our two cats Indie and Tommi. Artistic expression is my outlet, and I enjoy staying active through exercise along with my interests in healthcare. My story is a blend of resilience, creativity and a commitment to making a positive impact."

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Shari Tavera @nerdygirlrock

"When people see certain dogs, they think about me, more than likely they think about me when they see dogs that look like Dexter mostly. However, my love for dogs is a lot further than the relationship that I’ve had with Dexter for 12 years. I met Cookie when I was really young and she was a sweetest girl, always trusted and a part of the family for 17 years. I went through a crazy break up at 21 and  somehow Boobie ended up on my lap and that sweet girl helped me in my depression. That sweet girl got me out of bed. I was my best friend for four beautiful for 4 beautiful years. Then theres Dexter.. My 12 year old bestie. Throughout my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Dex was my rock through every flare up or post treatment symptom he was there.  Platano is our sweet and vivacious Covid puppy. He’s our ornery fellow but such a love at once.  Ayla Rose is our book end baby girl.  She made my pittie mama dreams come true.  


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PAWfect Love_edited.png
PAWfect Love + ReLeafbuddy

PAWfect Love

By Shari, in partnership with ReLeafpack

This Releafpack is for my babies because they supported me on the lowest spoon days. We don’t get to keep them our whole life but they keep us for theirs. Mama loves you babies."

Magic + ReLeafbuddy


By Jessica, in partnership with ReLeafpack

"I was instantly drawn to this Releafpack because it reminds me of the magic that lives within all of us. Just like the Moons, we each go through phases. When we connect within, magic happens."


Jessica @gettingonmynerves5k

My name is Jessica and my favorite quote to live by is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I believe that no matter what life throws at me, I have the power to turn into something beautiful. I’m honored to be able to spread awareness for trigeminal neuralgia through the Getting On My Nerves community. 

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