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Scent Samples

Scent Samples


Mini 1oz samples of each Organic Herbal Infusion we offer, Lavender & Peppermint. PLEASE READ:



These are samples and will come as picutured, loose-leaf, and cannot be retroactively added to your ReLeafpack. This sample pack is to test the scent and strength of our scents to see if an Organic Herbal Infusion is right for you. To add a scent to your ReLeafpack, GO TO SCENTS PAGE AND ADD LAVENDER OR PEPPERMINT TO YOUR CART. ♥



Please note: This is a sample size and your ReLeafpack can have up to 5x this amount. 


  • Shipping & More

    International friends: Scent Samples are currently unavailable for individual (by themselves) purchase internationally (outside the U.S.).  Sorry about that!

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