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A special style for March, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month.


"An orange butterfly as a symbol of MS might be less well known than an MS orange ribbon, but it is just as important for some members of the MS community.


One MyMSTeam member asked others how — and why — the MS community landed on a butterfly symbol. Another replied that it was chosen because of the caterpillar-to-butterfly cycle. “They are considered a symbol of life transformation,” the member wrote.


Essentially, butterflies can represent how some people in the MS community feel when they transform their post-diagnosis lives for the better. Another member shared a different take. “It is a sign of HOPE,” they posted. Yet another member pointed out that MRI scans of brains with MS resemble images of butterflies, hence the use of the symbol."



This is a limited edition style.



This includes - One (1) full size ReLeafpack:

ReLeafpack: Approximately 8" x 14" 3.6lbs of Weighted Cold Therapy Large enough to cover the entire "Migraine Zone". Perfect for Migraine/Headaches, Joint Pain, Heat Intolerance + More. Check out our "+ ReLeafbuddy" Sets for both sizes.


  • Why ReLeafpack?

    The Weight: Unlike anything else.

    ReLeafpack’s unique design is the Original Weighted Cold Therapy.

    The Cold: How Cold? Ice Cold.

    The first “Frosty 40” minutes are surprisingly cold.

    Shake it up for an additional 60-90 minutes of chilly ReLeaf!

    Everything Else: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Reusable, Flexible, Soft, Comfortable, Conformable, Ahhh-mazing!

  • Scents

    Every ReLeafpack/ReLeafbuddy purchased is originally Unscented. To add an Organic Herbal Infusion to your ReLeafpack or order, click the "Add Scents" tab to add the Lavender or Peppermint to your cart. Go to our Scents page to learn more.

  • Shipping & More

    If this is your first time shopping with us, please visit our FAQ page for store policies and shipment schedules.

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