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Making cold therapy a magical experience.

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The ReLeafpack;

We've been called "The longest-lasting icepack EVER!", staying cold up to 2+ hours, with a "Frosty 40" minutes of icy cold therapy. 

Comfortably Weighted - We understand the importance of 'silencing the ouchies' and invented #WeightedColdTherapy. 

Vegan filler, eco-concious brand, locally sourced materials with Organic scents. 

Created (after years of testing) by women with Occipital Neuralgia and debilitating Migraine pain
. We wanted a better option, so we made it. 

With tens of thousands of ReLeafpacks sold, we're grateful to be one of the fastest growing products in our community over the past 3 years. Thank you!

"The Soft, Flexible Icepack You Need,

& The Luxury Upgrade You Deserve".