Making cold therapy a magical experience.

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The ReLeafpack is a one-of-a-kind experience. 


It has a unique, weighted design, making it the softest, longest-lasting icepack ever. 


It's vegan, flexible and truly,

a hug for your pain.

Available in Two Sizes



Approximately 8" x 14"

3.6lbs of Weighted Cold Therapy
Perfect for Migraines/Headaches, Joint Pain,  Heat Intolerance + More.



Approximately 5.5" x 9.5"

Lighter Counterpart; Fiercely Cold.
Perfect for Puffy Eyes, Hand/Wrist Injuries + Kids love 'em!

Three Ways to Order



ReLeafpack + ReLeafbuddy Set

ReLeafbuddy Set

One Large, Unscented Icepack

One Large & One Small,

Unscented Icepack

Two Small, Unscented Icepacks

Personalize with Scents



M.S. Warrior

Sufferers of migraines, headaches, heat intolerance, hot flashes, chronic itching, anxiety or pain, listen up! 

ReLeafpack is my #1 go-to product in my chronic illness survival kit. These cold packs are unlike anything in your freezer, I promise you that!


Nursing Student

Ok, the ReLeafpack is amazing! Not only does it help with my migraines, but I also use it for my stage-4 Runner's Knee. It has just enough pressure to allow me to comfortably sleep on my back for the first time in three years. It stays cold longer than any icepack I've ever used!"


First-time user

"The weight of it is heavenly, like a nice cold hug! The combined weight, body conformity and ability to stay cold for much longer than most cold packs makes it the perfect drug free remedy. Thank you!"

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