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It's a hug for your pain.

We've been called "The longest-lasting icepack EVER!", staying cold up to 2+ hours, with a "Frosty 40" minutes of icy cold-therapy. 

Comfortably Weighted: We understand the importance of 'silencing the ouchies' and invented #WeightedColdTherapy with our design.

Created (after years of testing) by women with debilitating Migraine pain, Occipital Neuralgia and other chronic illnesses. We wanted a better option, so we made it.

Vegan bean-blend filler, eco-conscious brand, locally sourced materials with Organic scents. This isn't your grandma's coldpack (but we still love gamgam).

We're glad you're here.

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"The weight of it is heavenly, like a nice cold hug! The combined weight, body conformity and ability to stay cold for much longer than most cold packs makes it the perfect drug free remedy. Thank you!"

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"Sufferers of migraines, headaches, heat intolerance, hot flashes, chronic itching, anxiety or pain, listen up! ReLeafpack is my #1 go-to product in my chronic illness survival kit. These cold packs are unlike anything in your freezer, I promise you that!"

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"Ok, the ReLeafpack is amazing! Not only does it help with my migraines, but I also use it for my stage-4 Runner's Knee. It has just enough pressure to allow me to comfortably sleep on my back for the first time in three years. It stays cold longer than any icepack I've ever used!"

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How it works

ReLeafpack Background

Two Sizes


Approximately 8" x 14"

3.6lbs of Weighted Cold Therapy

Large enough to cover the entire "Migraine Zone".Perfect for Migraine/Headaches, Joint Pain, Heat Intolerance + More.



Approximately 5.5" x 9.5

Little over 1.5lbs (ish)

Lighter Counterpart; Fiercely Cold & Adorable.Perfect for Puffy Eyes, Hand/Wrist Injuries + Kids love 'em!


Three Ways To Shop



ReLeafpack + ReLeafbuddy


ReLeafbuddy Set


Two Styles

The 'Original' Style

Heavy. Cold. Amazing.

There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of a ReLeafpack on you while in the middle of a pain episode, or after a hot day. Just put this on your body one time - seriously!

Among tens of thousands of happy fans and thousands of glowing reviews, we truly believe that everyone needs a ReLeafpack.

The (Cozy) Style

Made from a soft flannel cotton that has a fuzzy finish.The (Cozy) styles were created by popular request for those looking for a softer chill that complemented our long-lasting-cold design. They have been loved and used for port-placement, longer cold-therapy sessions after surgery and may work well for little ones.


(For first-time shoppers, we recommend the original non-(Cozy) ReLeafpack for that breathtaking cold.

This is like a level 6 chill.)

Add Scents

Lavender Or Peppermint Organic Herbal Infusions

ice pack for headaches mint add on.
ice pack for headaches.
ice pack for headaches lavendar add on.

Need more info? Store policies, shipping schedules and product information can be found on our FAQs.

What else?

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ReLeafpack, icepack, coldpack, weighted cold therapy - whatever you call it; store it in the freezer and grab it whenever you need it.

The first “Frosty 40” minutes are surprisingly cold.
Shake it up for an additional 60-90 minutes of chilly ReLeaf! The cold is inside.

Everything Else: Eco-friendly & Sustainable, Reusable, Flexible, Soft, Comfortable, Conformable, Cuddle-able!

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ReLeafpack has become a staple in many households, with a variety of uses:

Migraine, Tension Headaches, Nerve Pain, Occipital/Trigeminal Neuralgia, Heat intolerance/Hot Flashes, Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries, Post-surgical Pain & Swelling and so much more. Some of us just run hot and like to cuddle a cold hug before bed.

What do you use your ReLeafpack for? Tag us on social media, we'd love to know!

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ReLeafpack was founded with a simple goal: to bring comfort and relief to those in pain who feel like nothing else helps. Starting from the extra space in our homes over 5 years ago, we have grown while maintaining our commitment to quality and care, trimming each thread with love.

We are so grateful that you're here. If you made it this far, let's pick a cute style together!

Follow us to join the ReLeafpack family, we'd love to see you there!

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